Friday, June 3, 2011

Juror 1 - Huw Turner

Huw Turner of Collins and Turner will be returning for your final crits. Photograph below by Richard Glover.

Sadly, Georgina Blix is not available for your final juries.


  1. Hi Phillip,
    I know a few other people have the same question for you as I do....
    We've submitted our boards today to Joanne. I have printed in black and white (for printing and timing reasons). Would you like us to print in colour for Wednesday? Or should I say, are we allowed to print in colour for Wednesday?

  2. Check the submission requirements. If its ok, then its ok. We will compare material submitted yesterday with material you bring tomorrow. If your presentation needs colour, then definately bring it in. Don't spend too much money if it doesn't need colour.